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Star Crossed Lovers? Whistleblower?

- Or just want your Private Messages Deleted by Default?

Would a snooper gaining access to your private message history cause you strife? Gmail, Skype, Facebook, SMS and most other communication/messaging systems automatically save message history by default - which sucks for privacy!

Burn on Reading (BOR) enables you to securely send messages via the internet (thanks to SSL) to other BOR users if you have their unique BOR address. When they open the message we automatically delete it from our server to protect your privacy!

You also save money on SMS if you use free Wi Fi or other cost effective internet connections as we allow you to send messages for free!

How it Works:

1. Sign in . .

All you need to start is a Google account and you can simply click SIGN IN (or the key icon at the top). You will then need to authorise us to use Google authentication.

(Existing users click SIGN IN to access your inbox)

Don't have a Google Account? It's free from Google: Click here to get a Google Account

Because our app uses Google Single Sign On, once you have signed in you never have to login again, unless you sign out to prevent unauthorised access.

2. Create your unique BOR Addresses..

Once you have created your unique BOR addresses (you can have up to 5) you can communicate with other users via their BOR addresses on any device with an active internet connection, a javascript enabled browser and access to our website - no additional software needed (We just provide Apps to make it easier to access and use).

- Warning: Don't try to send messages to an email address or mobile phone - you can only send to a BOR address.

3. Send Messages

Send your first message to your own address or try sending a message to the test addresses test or ping to see how it works!

Alternatively just send a message to your contact's BOR address.

Send From Anonymous

For extra privacy you can send messages from Anonymous to a BOR address that your contact only gives to you. That way they will know who the message comes from, but no one else will (including us) which gives you both deniability.

Further Information

Read our FAQs, Tips and Tricks and request support via the support website Click Here

Please feel free to provide feedback & make suggestions for future releases!


We can't stop your contact from making a copy of your message - we're not sure why others even try given the prevalence of digital cameras which make it easy to capture screens.

What we do is automatically delete the message so that your privacy is protected from others who shouldn't be able to easily access your private message history just by accessing your device, login or server.

Proudly Made in Australia!

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